Creating Safety Awareness at Work

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Manufacturing Safety Topics: Creating Safety Awareness at Work

            In order to continue to provide the utmost personalized attention to every job acquired, whether a high- or low-profile job, MCW strives to focus on 100% safety compliance for employees in every department. From steel fabrication to welding, we keep safety awareness and the safety of our employees in front of mind.

            In today’s fast-paced manufacturing industry, it is important to create awareness of safety precautions and ensure that all employees are aligned in keeping the workplace safe. By implementing these best practices, manufacturing companies can not only increase productivity at a higher consistency rate but also execute jobs with a lower error rate.

            One of the most common results of injury in the manufacturing environment is the misuse of tools and machinery. One of the directions that manufacturing companies are leaning toward is combining sensors and computer vision to ensure the worker’s safety while completing the task at hand. The computer vision systems sensor data from the sensors that seek abnormalities and malfunctions, resulting in ceasing the work equipment to prevent injury. A best practice in the manufacturing work environment field is the use of protective equipment, such as safety goggles and high-visibility vests. The use of proper safety equipment is especially important when workers are handling hazardous materials.

            In any event, it is important that every employee is made aware of all safety codes in the workplace. With some facilities that are considered large, such as the MCW facility where we operate in a 30,000 square foot space, it is imperative that we are focused on keeping our employees and their safety a priority.

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