How important are on-time deliveries?

How important are on-time deliveries?

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How important are on-time deliveries?

At MCW, we take great pride in all of our work—not just the large, high-profile jobs, but all jobs. We have worked with some of the largest corporations in the United States, including Frito-Lay, Smucker’s and The Ohio State University. We have served a variety of industries, ranging from manufacturing to automotive to construction. And our custom metal fabrication services include everything from piping to carbon steel to pressure vessels.

But through it all, no matter the type of job we’re completing, there is one thread that remains consistent—our commitment to on-time deliveries.

What are on-time deliveries?

On-time delivery (or OTD) is the way organizations measure the efficiency of supply chain processes. Simply put, OTD indicates whether or not an organization can meet the customer’s requested delivery date of a project.

By meeting deadlines and fulfilling deliveries on time, manufacturing companies like ours can retain customers and remain successful. But failing to meet customers’ timing requests can eventually lead to losing that business.

Our commitment to on-time deliveries

At MCW, we take great pride in our high on-time delivery rates. We have a team in place that monitors the productivity of each project to ensure that each task is tracking appropriately in order to meet a deadline. In addition, we make sure to maintain great communication with our customers throughout the process to prevent frustration and keep all teams on the same page. 

It’s through our excellent production monitoring and outstanding customer service that we are able to keep our high on-time delivery rates.

So, if you’re asking how important on-time deliveries are to all of us at MCW, the answer is “vital!” We’re always on time--because we’re on your time. We recognize that on-time deliveries are something our customers count on from us, and we do everything to ensure that each project is not only delivered the way our customers expect but also in the timing they expect. When you choose to work with MCW, you can expect services delivered in both a timely and professional manner. 

Let’s get started

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