The Importance of Quality Control at MCW

Submitted by Morrison Custo… on Mon, 08/12/2019 - 6:51pm

When it comes to custom metal fabrication, quality control is a vital part of the process. Without it, steps can be overlooked, important pieces missed and that leads to disappointed customers. We take pride in ensuring our customers are satisfied with our work and meeting all points of quality standards.

What is quality control?

Quality control is—simply put—ensuring that a company has a way to control the outcome and overall quality of its products.

Because custom metal fabrication involves many different processes and steps, it’s very important that quality control procedures are in place. In the custom metal fabrication industry, quality control can include anything from calibration to inspections at any point (in-process, final, etc.). From design to deployment, quality control ensures that every project meets the requirements of each stage of the process. The end goal is to create products that meet and exceed our customer expectations.

Quality control for all of our customers

At MCW, we make quality control a priority on every single project. When you work with us, we promise to emphasize quality at each stage of the fabrication process—from design to completion. We do have a separate quality control department, but we also see every department as an essential part of our fabrication process.

When you contract with MCW for your custom metal fabrication needs, you can count on us to complete everything in a quality way and deliver the project to your exact specifications.

Let’s get started

When it comes to custom metal fabrication, having a value-added partner makes all the difference. Work with our team at MCW and experience superior value and customer satisfaction!

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