The Importance of Welding Safety

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The Importance of Welding Safety

At MCW, we specialize in custom fabrication. This includes steel fabrication, tube processing, metal forming, laser cutting, CNC punching, waterjet cutting, CNC machining and—last but definitely not least—welding. We absolutely love our welding projects, but recent research has shown that they may pose a safety risk to our welders. So what are we doing about it? Keep reading to find out.

What do research agencies say about welding safety? And what are we doing about it?

Since 1989, there has been extensive research done by government agencies suggesting that welding can expose humans to harmful fumes and radiation.

At MCW, we keep up on all of the latest evidence from these observational and experimental studies, and we take the safety of our employees seriously. It’s our duty and responsibility to take immediate safety precautions to protect our employees from potentially harmful welding fumes and UV radiation.

We offer MIG, TIG and stick welding to complete installations for a range of industries. Plus, with certified mobile welding services, we’re able to offer on-site repairs.

No matter which welding project we take on, it’s always done safely and in the best interests of our welders. One precaution we have in place is always providing “person-protective equipment” for our welding projects, which includes gloves, sleeves, jackets, safety glasses, welding curtains and proper ventilation for all of our welders.

We look forward to staying up to date on the latest developments in this important field.

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