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Industry Showcase: Oil & Gas

Industry Showcase: Oil & Gas

Submitted by Morrison Custo… on Thu, 04/18/2019 - 9:00am

Industrial steel fabrication applications have rigorous performance expectations — as they should. When used in areas such as oilfields, they are exposed to both corrosive chemicals and all types of extreme weather conditions. Quality outcomes depend on parts and equipment that must be designed to hold up under excess wear and tear.

At Morrison Custom Welding, our industrial steel fabrication team is able to produce many of the unique components required for work in oilfields and natural gas extraction sites.

In addition to producing steel plates and piping, our team can also manufacture frac tanks, pump jacks, and even rail cars and special-use trailers. We also have the ability to produce storage equipment and custom replacement components for your on-site equipment.

Oilfields are among the most physically demanding work environments on the planet, which means that only the highest-quality stainless steel should be used to prevent corrosive damage.

In addition, welding and other fabrication tasks must adhere to the highest possible standards to withstand daily use. Our team uses only the best materials and industrial steel fabrication techniques to ensure that our components meet your needs. These same standards even extend to safety installations such as ladders & cages and access & industrial stair systems.

As Ohio’s top custom fabricators, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver parts that fully meet the extensive demands placed on oil and gas equipment.

With our industrial steel fabrication solutions, you can have confidence that your equipment will be up to the challenge.