Spotlight on Manufacturing

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At MCW, we take great pride in all industries served including food and pharmaceutical, agricultural, oil and gas, construction services and more. Read on to learn more about opportunities MCW can provide you.


The importance of warehouses and distribution for manufacturing

In today’s digital age, warehouses and distribution centers are more essential than ever before. Shipments go everywhere! Before you worry about the logistics and details, know that MCW custom industrial and structural fabrication is here to help those operations run as smooth as possible.


At MCW, we take pride in producing durable warehouse architectural structures and custom metal production projects. From CAD design to installation, we work with you ensuring all new products deliver the best value for your warehousing needs.


Many companies in the manufacturing sector depend on metal fabrication services from MCW for important custom applications. At MCW, our prototyping and quick fabrication lead time ensure you will receive a cost-effective solution in a timely manner.


Our innovative team at MCW will help you draw and design any of your custom warehousing needs. Our services include assembly, fabrication, large-format machining, laser cutting, shearing and forming, welding, waterjet cutting, and turnkey solutions. If you need prototyping to complete a one-of-a-kind assembly or reverse engineering services, MCW can do it!


Let’s get started


When it comes to custom metal fabrication, having a value-added partner makes all the difference. Work with our team at MCW and experience superior value and customer satisfaction!


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