Is there a Skilled Trades Shortage?

Is there a Skilled Trades Shortage?

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Skilled trades include plumbers, pipefitters, HVAC technicians, electricians, construction workers, welders and others in similar jobs. Although these jobs are extremely valuable and necessary, there’s a problem—and that’s the huge shortage of skilled trades workers available for hire. Read on to learn more about today’s skilled trades shortage.

Why is there such a shortage of skilled trades workers?

There are a few different reasons that trades companies don’t have enough well-qualified workers. These include:

1.      Fewer vocational education programs — Now more than ever, there’s a huge emphasis on pushing students to get a college degree as opposed to training at a technical school in order to work in a skilled trade. As a result, many students are drawn only to “white collar” jobs because they see that these jobs are a way for them to work comfortably and avoid physically demanding labor.

2.      Misconceptions about working in the manufacturing industry — In general, people view white-collar jobs (such as working in an office environment) to be comfortable, high-paying jobs with great opportunities. In many cases, this is true. But what many people do not see is that white-collar jobs are no longer necessarily the best-paying jobs with the most opportunities. Today’s skilled trades jobs are high-paying, flexible and include countless opportunities too. And, unlike many white-collar jobs, people who can work these skilled trade jobs are now in very high demand!

3.      Retiring workers — Baby boomers working in skilled trades are now beginning to retire in masses. And it’s estimated that more than half of all skilled trades companies in the United States are having a hard time finding qualified people to replace these retirees.

What industries and companies are affected by this shortage?

The industries that have been hit the hardest by the skilled trades shortage are the construction industry, the manufacturing industry, and the oil and gas industry. Many manufacturers, construction companies, energy companies, and other firms are really feeling the burn.

One of the biggest skilled trade occupations hit by this shortage is welding. Welders play an important role in so many industries, most notably the construction industry, as they supply the connections for steel-frame buildings. And unfortunately, this problem hasn’t shown any signs of getting better in the near future. The manufacturing industry predicts it will be short two million workers by 2025. Furthermore, the American Welding Society estimates that the country will need more than 400,000 welders by 2025 too.

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