Oil & Gas

Custom Metal Fabrication Services for America’s Energy Sector

Oil & Gas

Equipment and vehicles at oilfield and natural gas extraction sites face some of the roughest conditions on the planet. Not only do many of these sites operate year-round in all types of conditions — rain, sleet, sun, and snow — but, often times do so while working with highly corrosive chemicals. Custom-fabricated assemblies and pieces from MCW help ensure your energy site remains productive and profitable. 

Fabricated Components

As a parts and components fabricator, we can offer fully customized solutions to meet your energy extraction and storage needs. A few examples of the components we fabricate include:

  • Frac tanks
  • Steel plates and piping
  • Sheet and piping fabrication
  • Pump jacks
  • Special-use trailers
  • Rail cars

We’re Here to Ensure the Success of Your Energy Operation

MCW can also support logistical components related to racking, storage, and support equipment. Whether your operation is offshore or at one of America’s many oil patches, we can help design a custom-fabricated part or assembly to reduce downtime and ensure your operation’s continued success. Contact MCW to discuss your custom metal fabrication requirements.

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