Custom Made Parts for Cars and Trucks


MCW fabricates custom-made parts for cars, trucks, semi-trucks, and trailers. Whether you are looking for cost-effective parts, assemblies, or prototyping services, MCW can fulfill your fabrication needs. By working with our team, you can reduce labor-related costs, while also ensuring fabricated pieces are of the highest quality. 

MCW welds subassemblies and offers custom fabricating services to complete a range of automotive parts and components, including:

  • Flat-bed trailers
  • Fifth-wheel trailers
  • Production fixtures
  • Dry-bulk trailers
  • Short-run parts
  • Frames and trailers

We’re also the auto industry’s partner in assembly prototyping and parts replacements. As an industry that is always on the move, MCW will be your parts and assembly partner, ensuring you consistently surpass client’s expectations and remain highly competitive. 

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