Morrison Custom Welding, Inc.

Custom Fabrication

With our capabilities and 30 years of experience, we can complete all steel fabrication projects in-house. We provide engineering and field services as well, making MCW a strategic fabrication solution.

Custom Fabrication

As a company that has provided fully customized metal fabrication services for over 30 years, MCW knows that each client and each project is truly unique. Therefore, each piece and assembly are fabricated to meet our clients' exact requirements. Whether you are in need of structural steel, I-beams, or custom railing, we will help you find the right solution—even if it means designing the part or assembly from scratch.

Steel Fabrication
Steel Fabrication

MCW fabricates welded assemblies and steel components, as well as mild and stainless steels in a range of thicknesses. With our capabilities and 30 years of experience, we can complete all steel fabrication projects in-house. 

Tube Processing
Tube Processing

With MCW’s tube-processing machinery and fast turnaround times, we can have parts ready to be included in your production process. All bending and cutting processes are completed in-house. 

Metal Forming
Metal Forming

Need a full-service solution to metal forming and bending? You can count on MCW to get the job done — even for parts and assemblies that require complex sequence of bends. 

Laser Cutting
Laser Cutting

With state-of-the-art laser-cutting technologies, MCW is able to cut aluminum alloys, carbon and stainless steels with the utmost precision. Compared to other types of flame cutting, laser cutting allows for more precise edges with tighter tolerances in place. 

CNC Punching
CNC Punching

Using CNC machines, angles and flat bars can be sheared, notched, and punched with high-precision. This allows us to fabricate pieces in a highly economical manner. 

Waterjet Cutting
Waterjet Cutting

What can our water jet cut? Well, virtually anything.

  • Metals (aluminum, steel, stainless, brass, copper, titanium)
  • Glass (with exception of tempered glass)
  • Stone & Tile (granite, marble, slate, limestone, soapstone, travertine, engineered stone, quartz, porcelain, ceramic)
  • Concrete
  • Paper Products
  • Composites 
CNC Machining
CNC Machining

MCW offers high-precision CNC machining services for a range of OEM suppliers. Our automated CNC machining process allows us to complete a range of manufacturing projects, and do so economically. 

Welding - Morrison Custom Welding

MCW offers MIG, TIG, and stick welding to complete assemblies and subassemblies for a range of industries. With certified mobile welding services, we can offer on-site repairs and assemblies. 

Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication

Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication is an essential design element for the function of a building. MCW is able to fabricate on Monumental Stair Systems, Architectural & Ornamental Rail Systems. We are also able to fabricate Access & Industrial Stair Systems, Ladders & Cages. 

Other Capabilities

Morrison Custom Welding offers in-house secondary capabilities to provide industrial and structural fabrication solutions.

  • Paint and Powder Coating
  • Media Blasting
  • Metal Finishing
  • Metal Sawing
Industries We Serve

MCW creates custom-fabricated components and welded assemblies for a broad range of industries, including:

  • Oil, gas, and energy sectors
  • Chemical & Pharma
  • Food service industry
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Transportation & Logistics 
  • Research
  • Waste
  • OEM
  • Municipalities and government
  • Material handling
  • Food service

We’re always on time, because we’re on your time. By working with MCW, you can expect services to be delivered in a timely, professional manner. We emphasize quality at each stage of the fabrication process, from design to completion. While we do have a quality control department, we see every department as an essential part of MCW’s fabrication process.

When you contract with MCW for your metal fabrication needs, you can depend on us to answer your questions and ensure the project is completed to your exact specifications.